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Lighting has a critical role to play in the level of service and comfort that a hospital or healthcare facility delivers to its patients, families, and employees. Good colour and lighting design in hospitals can facilitate the work of the staff and make their work easier, practically, psychologically and emotionally [NHS wales]. It has also been recognized that patient comfort and emotional well-being help translate into faster physical recovery, to which lighting can contribute greatly. In wards, good colour rendering is vital to avoid errors in judgement of patient health as well as in the operating theatre/surgery.

  • Operating rooms
  • Patient wards
  • Common spaces (cafes, lounges, hallways)
  • Laboratories and staff rooms

Nanoco’s CFQD® quantum dot films enable highly efficient, high CRI light fixtures with excellent uniformity and low glare, and are available to fit a number of standard fixture formats (troffers, downlights, linear). Nanoco sales and engineering teams are available to discuss customized solutions in addition to standard products.

Healthcare Products

CFQD® Quantum Dot Ceiling Tile

A unique solution taking advantage of perfect colour quality specifcally across the Cool White range while maintaining high efficiency.

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CFQD<i>®</i> Quantum Dot Ceiling Tile

CFQD® Quantum Dot Downlight

We are proud to introduce the CFQD® Quantum Dot Downlight. Not only can this lamp be used to replace complete spot lights but it is powered by the latest in Nanotechnology.

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CFQD<i>®</i> Quantum Dot Downlight