Application Areas



Nanoco Lighting’s CFQD® Quantum Dot Film technology is designed to provide outstanding colour performance without sacrificing efficiency. Applications where colour quality is an absolute must include high-end retail store lighting where consumers can determine precise colours of clothing and high-value goods, supermarkets to showcase the freshness and quality of meat and produce, and in professional photography and video solutions where maintaining true-to-life colour maximises user experience and value.

In addition to delivering previously unseen colour performance, light fittings containing Nanoco Lighting’s CFQD® Quantum Dot Film technology also offer greater energy savings. The technology is based on the most efficient blue LEDs only. The unique ability to fine tune the exact emission of CFQD® Quantum Dots enables us to deliver precise colour, which is important for band recognition and consistency throughout the stores.

Key Benefits

  • Outstanding colour performance Ra >90, R9 >90
  • Better presentation of goods
  • Improved shopping experience which leads to increases customer spend
  • Better brand representation
  • High energy efficiency: up to 110 lm/W
  • Even light distribution
  • No glare or hot spots