CFQD® Quantum Dot Downlight

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We are proud to introduce the CFQD® Quantum Dot Down Light. Not only can this lamp be used to replace complete spot lights but it is powered by the latest in Nanotechnology, the CFQD® Quantum Dots enables pure colour quality across the white spectrum and more importantly introduces the world’s first High CRI Cool White technology with a whopping R9>90, this level of performance has never been seen before. The long anticipated technology is now available for you to incorporate into your lighting devices. Acting as a straight retro-fit device to standard M16 and GU10 lamps, the CFQD® Quantum Dot technology provides the next generation of light. Our CFQD® Quantum Dot Film can be integrated easily in a standard unit in combination with custom designed LEDs provides the end user with the colour accuracy/quality that has been missing through recent years of inferior technology. CFQD® Quantum Dot technology is the gateway to a new era of lighting.

Key Features
  • Available in Warm, Neutral and Cool White
  • Oustanding colour performance Ra >90
  • High efficiency across the range
  • Even light distrbution – no glare or hot spots

Specification (data below representative of a 2700K warm white unit)

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Specification Value
Color Rendering Index (CRI) 98
Colour Temperature, K (CCT) 2700
Lumens per Watt (Lm/W) 49