CFQD® Quantum Dots Growlight Tile

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The Nanoco CFQD® Quantum Dots Grow Lights provide the optimal spectra to encourage maximum chlorophyll A & B absorption and promote healthy growing. The technology minimises energy consumption and casts less heat than HPS bulbs and traditional LED units thus making it easy to control growing environments, especially for vertical shelving systems. Quantum Dots also allow the precise spectral tuning of the film to better suit specific varieties of plants and other application requirements. Our highly efficient technology demonstrators consist of blue LEDs that work in combination with CFQD® Quantum Dot films. The film ensures flawless and even light distribution at any distance without unwanted hotspots. Technology demonstrators are available in a 300mm x 300mm format.

Key Features
  • Deep-Red emission to stimulate optimal chlorophyll absorption (both chlorophyll A & B)
  • Uniform emission from CFQD® Quantum Dot film allows for even light distribution
  • Easy assembly and adjustable distances to guarantee optimum light distribution
  • Energy saving due to use of blue LEDs only
  • Customizable spectra tailored to specific produce
  • Yield improvements through optimised light spectra
  • Production efficiencies, particularly in vertical farming due to close proximity to plants
  • Watertight design
Application Areas

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Specification Value
Drive Current, mA 227
Power, W 28.10
Rad. Flux, W 5.04
Red Peak Emission, nm 652