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Nanoco’s CFQD® Quantum Dots enable tuneable, high-efficiency lighting

While recent advancements in lighting are remarkable, many LED lighting technologies still struggle with replicating colour and induce unwanted glare. However, the emergence of novel, non-toxic materials holds new promise in replicating natural light and bolstering positive human response. Cadmium-free quantum dots are one such solution. CFQD® Quantum Dot technology works by absorbing some of the LED’s light, converting it and re-emitting it with the desired colour characteristics. The dots, which are encapsulated in a film, are easily fine-tuned to the desired colour by simply adjusting their size. This gives lighting manufacturers an efficient and cost-effective way to tailor their lighting solutions. The result is light with the colour performance of an incandescent bulb and the efficiency and economy of a LED.

Colour Performance

In terms of colour performance, the best artificial light source remains the traditional incandescent bulb. These bulbs, however, only last 500 or so hours and are very inefficient: they normally convert 10% of the energy they consume into light, the rest turns into heat.

Fluorescent lights are better, lasting longer and converting 30% of energy into light. LEDs are even better still with far higher conversion of energy into usable photons and lifetimes of up to +50,000 hours. However, colour quality performances of current LED lights are much lower than traditional incandescent lights which can be measured using the Colour Rendering Index (CRI). CRI is a quantitative measure of a light’s ability to reproduce colours of various objects faithfully in comparison to a natural light source. Most current LED lighting technologies struggle to achieve a high CRI light with the all-important R9 value.

CFQD® quantum dots offer a cutting edge solution, providing light with high CRI tunable across the visible spectrum. Moreover the colour of the re-emitted light can be precisely tailored and the overall colour balance of the LED unit can be fine-tuned to a desired colour temperature. The result is a light source with the colour quality performance of an incandescent light bulb and the efficiency and economy of a superior LED. We currently operate between 2200K – 6500K with 90+CRI.


What are CFQD® quantum dots?

CFQD® quantum dots are fluorescent semiconductor nanoparticles typically between 10 to 100 atoms in diameter, which is about 1/1000th the width of a human hair.

When one of these particles is excited by an external light source, it absorbs the energy and re-emits the light in a different colour depending on the size of the particle. Therefore, by tuning the size of these particles, one is able to control the colour of light emitted to any colour in the spectrum.